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April 14, 2012


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Claudia Delgado

Congratulations on running such a wonderful business (and on having SUCH a fabulous helper!!!)



Congratulations! Your shop is such a joy on Park Street. It makes me smile each time I walk past!


I feel so lucky that you opened a store in Montclair, practically in my back yard. Alameda is a bit off my beaten track, and I'm a bit sad to have missed all the wonderful fun I could have had at your store there. Daisy's is a wonderful addition to Montclair! And how exciting that you are moving soon to a much larger space. Everyone I've dealt with has been so nice, but Anna has been particularly helpful. How wonderful to go in a store, be recognized, and have the person behind the counter remember what you like and point out new items in the store. It's a good day when I get a chance to visit Daisy's!


Love the stories re Jillian - she's truly special!



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