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July 30, 2009


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Congratulations on a beautiful site and your new blog. The designs are breathtaking and make me want to recreate that feeling in my own home. (and I can by shopping Daisy's!!)
Can't wait to pop in and see the new stuff -life has been in the way, but I'll see you soon for sure.

Mindy Spector

Awesome Blog! It makes me want to run down to the store right now! Hope to be able to stop in for the great sale!


Barbara - congratulations on starting your blog. I'll check in now and then, just as I do in person on Park Street! -- Nancy


Hi Barbara,

I am excited for you and the new blog. Love the feel of it -- very Daisy-ish!

See you at the store this weekend!




Great site, I'll be sure to check it out to keep up with what's going on. Congratulations!


Lupe Mariscal


Thanks very much for bringing your lovely and creative "choices" to Alameda; and for your help in selecting the best gifts always...not to mention the great gift wrapping!

Lynn Davis

Barbara, I love your new look and as always - love your store. I am going to miss the sale - very sad. I am so appreciative that you have brought to Alameda a store that provides me with opportunities to purchase gifts for the many people in my life - all with different tastes. Thank you. Lynn



I love the blog and am so happy you have it up and running! It looks wonderful. Can't wait to read all your posts :)


what a beautiful site! feels like i'm in daisy's... see you friday :)


I love your store and your blog. Daisy's adds a wonderful touch to Alameda. Thank you. Susan


Go, Ms. Daisy! Your new blog and your store are both completely and absolutely marvelous. I look forward to the feed.

You are treasure, Barbara!! :)

Eileen Savel

Barbara, I agree with the gang, the design of your blog is sooo...beautiful and represents you and Daisy's so well. Congratulations...another step forward in bringing all things beautiful and delicious to those of us lucky enough to live in Alameda. Also, thanks for being so supportive to non-profit world. Hugs, e

hope | paper relics

yayaay! Welcome to blogland!

Jennifer Lee

Wooohoo! Congrats on your first blog post on this gorgeous blog. Nice work Barbara (and Hope!). Looking forward to more glimpses into Living the Fancy Life. I hope to stop by this weekend :)


Dear Barabara, what a lovely site, it is a beautiful representation of Daisy's!! I specifically come to Alameda to shop at Daisy's for your unique merchandise and now I can stay abreast via your blog. Congratulations! Marilyn

Michele Abrate

Dear Barbara,

Your new site is gorgeous. Looking forward to my slice of Paris in Alameda. I certainly love to live the "fancy life" and your store gives me the inspiration.

a bientot,

Terri Long

Congrats on the website and blog, very cool!!
We are so fortunate to have you here!!
See you this weekend.............. Terri

Shawna Sherman

I love Daisy's and can't wait to read about your experiences at shows.

Karin Jensen

Great look for your web-site.:)

C P McFarland

Congratulations on taking the next step! I'm just ramping up blogging myself, your site is a great inspiration. And I'll be in this week to pick up some hostess gifts, thanks for the email note of the sale! Cheers Barbara!

Susan Eastin

Your blog and your website look wonderful, Barbara. Like you, I'm also trying to get the hang of blogging. I never know what to write about. I'm sure it gets easier with time.

Best of luck!


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